My "WHY?"

For my Business Mastery class that I am taking this year, a question was asked:

"What do you want to have in 15-30 years and what is your Northern Star?"


  1. Profitable and lucrative brokerages in California and Hawaii that I can leave to my children and grandchildren

  2. Track record of hiring and grooming quality leaders, investing in others' growth and development

  3. Clients' trust as their fiduciary, both residential and commercial

  4. Owning investment properties with positive cash flow

  5. Vacation homes

  6. Financial and time freedom

  7. Travel the world

  8. Philanthropic

My North Star: (Pleasing God, giving Him the glory).

1.  Daily walk with Jesus, guided by the Word and the Holy Spirit

2. Trusting and following Him, obedience and prayer 3. Church community for spiritual, emotional, relational growth, accountability, being an influencer to the next generations.

4. Serving on Production Team at church and keeping current on technical upgrades (growing His house first before mine)

5. My kids' encouragement and belief in me  6. Education and networking 7. Belief in myself, curiosity of how much more is in me-exploring, facing and overcoming challenges  8. Review of goals completed/accomplished

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